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The Concealed Trojan horse of Islamic Banking 1

Islam is a land of illusion and delusion. It attracts the ignorant with its marketing skills and once the victim is inside, the trapdoor is closed. One such trap is the Trojan horse of Islamic Banking. The Purpose of the Anti-Christ regime is to change the Laws and Times.

He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the SET TIMES AND THE LAWS. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.

Daniel 7:25

Click here to read the portion of the article regarding Muhammad’s intention in changing his name. The first step towards the subjugation of the land and governed by Shariah law is usually the Trojan horse of Islamic Banking.

What is Banking in layman terms.

Banking is defined as the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals and entities, and then lending out this money in order to conduct economic activities such as making profit or simply covering operating expenses.

The institution (Commercial Bank) accepts deposits from the general public and lends them out to their customers. When the bank accepts the deposit from the general public, it pays interest on that amount for the TIME it holds the money. The Bank makes a profit on that money by lending it out to its customers at a higher interest rate for the TIME they keep the money. That is how the adage TIME IS MONEY came into existence. The Bank also makes a profit by charging different fees and commissions for the services it provides.

Trojan horse of Islamic Banking

These banks work under regulations of the Central Bank of the country and have to follow the accepted banking norms. It is beyond the scope of this article to give a detailed study of banks.

What is Islamic Banking?

Islamic Banking is a system that introduces the Shariah Law(Islamic Law) compliant banking into a land. Generally, it is marketed under the guise of “INTEREST-FREE LOANS“. The term “Interest-Free Loans” sounds quite enticing and unknowingly people fall into the charm of these magic words. The Shariah Dawah propagators will sell anything in the name of Islamic Banking to fool people. However, in reality, it is nothing more than a Trojan horse to subjugate you and your nation.

Islamic Banking Features – Interest-Free Loans


Milton Friedman

Yes, with Islam it is much more deceptive and costly. Remember this is coming from the same guy who promised you 72 virgins and rivers of wine in paradise. In return, he will take your life. The salvation of Islam is Woman and Wine. The poor and the ignorant are drawn towards this system of deception.

Indeed, the righteous will have SALVATION—Gardens, vineyards, and full-breasted maidens of equal age, and full cups ˹of pure wine˺, never to hear any idle talk or lying therein—a ˹fitting˺ reward as a generous gift from your Lord,

Sura 78:31-36

As per Islamic Banking, they do not charge “INTEREST” but they charge their share of the “LENDER’S PROFIT“. They fix the Lender’s Profit based on a decided percentage value of the principal and charge them. If you are normal, you might be wondering what is the difference between the “Interest” and “Lender’s Profit”. Yes, you are right. There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE. It is only a name change just as how Qathem became Muhammad. It is the Trojan horse of Islamic Banking to introduce Shariah into your land.

We all know that Saudi Arabia is the best example of a Shariah Law country. I checked out the website of Riyad Bank to see how these Interest-Free Loans of the Islamic Bank works. I tried with the home loan calculator and see what I got. They replaced the INTEREST with the term “PROFIT ADDED“. But it functions just like any interest calculator. So much for the great Interest-Free Loans of Islamic Banking.

Trojan horse of Islamic Banking giving away Interest free loans
The trojan horse of Islamic Banking giving away Interest-free loans

Notice the highlighted area. It clearly mentions the interest rate and calls it as “PROFIT


Readers, you have seen how Islamic Banking works. They do the same thing as any other banks do, but with deceptive terminology. This model is easy to be accepted by many countries because there is really no change in the operations of the bank. However, this Trojan horse of Islamic Banking brings the Shariah Lawyers into the corridors of power of the Nation and the Financial System of the Central Bank. They can now gradually proceed to the next step of Islamization. We will deal with that in the next article.

Remember that this Islamic Banking is coming from the same source which LEGALIZED ADULTERY AND PROSTITUTION by giving it a BETTER NAME.

[Forbidden to you] are married woman, EXCEPT WHAT YOUR RIGHT HAND POSSESSES. This Allah has written for you, and all other women besides these are permitted to you, so that you may seek them out with your wealth, seeking chastity and not fornication. So when you have CONTRACTED TEMPORARY MARRIAGE [istimt’atum] with them, then give them their words. There is no sin on you for whatever you agree to after this. Indeed, Allah is Knowing, Wise.

Sura 4:24

End of “The Concealed Trojan horse of Islamic Banking 1

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