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The Embarrassing Conflict between History and Quran 7

History is the worst enemy of the Quran. As we research more, the conflict between history and Quran reaches embarrassing heights. Quran claims that Allah and Quran predate Mohammad. Mohammad was born in 570 A.D. However, Quran claims that all the prophets from Adam onwards (predating Mohammad) preached Allah.  However, there is not an iota of evidence for this.

In the last part (click here to read), we proved that one of the most sacred shrines of Kaaba is a fabricated place. In this part, we will show more historical evidence exposing the fabrication of the Quran and Allah.

History and Quran does not Match

The Quran claims that Jesus and his Disciples were Muslims.

So, when ‘Īsā sensed disbelief in them, he said: “Who are my helpers in the way of Allah?” The disciples said: “We are helpers of Allah. We believe in Allah; so be our witness that we are Muslims

Sura 3:52
Conflict between History and Quran
The conflict between History and Quran

Funny as it is, there is not a shred of evidence for it. We will show you tons of evidence that predates Mohammad and the Quran and shockingly from Muslims not a single piece of literature proves that Jesus and his disciples were Muslims. Here are some shreds of evidence classified into different ages.

Era Before Jesus and Apostles

Biblical Archaeology

We have Qumran caves discovered in 1947 and there are tons and tons of Jewish documents. It has books of the prophet Isaiah dating to a few hundred years before Mohammad and it is exactly the same as the book of Isaiah in the Christian bible. It says not a word about Allah. Ex-1: Great Scroll of Isaiah 1QISA A,  Ex-2: Ketef Hinnom Scroll (KH1, KH2 dated 600 BC). It is a fragmented part of the book of Numbers 6:24-26.

Again not a word about Allah, but has biblical God Yahweh mentioned. Archaeologists have discovered a stone dating 840 BC of a Moabite King Omri mentioned in the Bible in the book of kings and it has an inscription of the biblical God Yahweh. It says “I took vessels of YHWH.” Again not a word about Allah.

Non-Biblical Archaeology

There is much non-biblical archaeological evidence like from Greek civilization, Egyptian Pyramids and archaeology, of the Roman civilization dating from centuries before Jesus and his apostles. None of them has even one reference to Allah. If the Quran and Allah predate Mohammad as the Quran claims, then why is there not a single piece of evidence for Allah? All that we have is Allah is a pagan idol. Click here to know more about that.

Era from Jesus to Muhammad

Quran as we have shown, claims that Jesus and disciples were Muslims and followers of Allah (Quran 3:52, Quran 5:111- 115, & 61:14) but then we will show you tons of evidence we have from the time of Jesus to Mohammad. All of them refer to Jesus as God. None of them has a citation to Allah, let alone saying negative words about Allah. Allah was not even existing before Mohammad. If he was indeed there, then why is there is no mention of him? Here are all the historical literature from the times of Jesus to Mohammad.

  1. 5800 Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament. All of them have little variation with each other, Muslims are happy hearing it. But think about it that not one of the variant reading speaks a word about Allah. Not even one instance of Jesus and disciples following Allah.
  2. 15,000 translations of the Bible, in various languages like Latin, Coptic, Syrian, Gothic etc. None of them speaks about Allah or Jesus’s disciples following Allah
  3. Jewish Historian, Josephus Flavius, Roman Historian etc and there are so many literary works. Not one mentions a word about Allah or the Muslim Community. 
  4. Literature from the church fathers dating from 1st century  to 4th century and all of them claim Jesus was God and none of them said a word about Allah.

List of few writings that Claims Jesus to be God.

  1. Shepherd of Hermas (115 AD)
  2. Letters of clement (150 AD)
  3. Papias (130 AD)
  4. Polycarp (110 AD)
  5. Ignatius (110 AD)
  6. Justin Marty (150 AD)
  7. Irenaeus (180 AD) “against heresies”
  8. Melito (170 AD) wrote Pascal Homily
  9. Tatian (AD 170 ) wrote Diatessaron
  10. Odes of Solomon
  11. Origen – Gospel Commentary (3rd century)
  12. Augustine (AD 400)
  13. Jerome (4th century)

How about all the Gnostic works of literature, pseudo Gospels and the heretical writings that either was heretical or even those that denied the divinity of Jesus? Why did none of them ever mention a word about Allah or about the Islamic community?  If Jesus was a Muslim and his disciples were followers of Allah, as Quran claims, then there ought to have at least one word about Jesus or his disciples following Allah? Millions of words since the first to the 5th century and there was not a single follower of Allah, not a single piece of writing, not a single inscription. No wonder Jay Smith (Famous Christian Apologist) says History is the worst enemy of the Quran.  

End of “The Embarrassing Conflict between History and Quran 7”

Part – 6

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