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The Islamic Bargain – Why do Muslims attack?

A few days back, a man attacked Hatun Tash with a knife at the ‘Speakers corner.’ This reminded us of Qabil (Cain) who murdered his brother Habil (Abel), right at the beginning of the human race. Let us analyse why do Muslims attack? Like in the story of Cain and Abel, this attack on Hatun was also regarding worship. Hatun proved that this attacker Qabil was worshipping erroneously. Qabil felt jealous that his worship is on the verge of getting refused.

Therefore, he took a knife and attacked Hatun (Habil). The attack on Hatun is not a lone incident. In a similar incident, earlier the Jews earlier had tried to kill Jesus because Jesus showed them the errors in their worship. Apostle Paul himself had debated Jews in their Synagogues over worship and was beaten and stoned often.

The Theory of how Islamic Attack Progresses

Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher of the 4th century B.C. published his work “Sophistical Refutations” to prove that men have a tendency to attack a person instead of an argument. Attacking the person instead of the point of debate is called ad hominem (against the person).  From the latest studies on debating, I have inserted a modified picture of the debate Pyramid. The pyramid shows that if the intention of a debater is not to find truth but rather to force his views on others, he will use all the tactics as shown in the pyramid and finally he may resort to silencing the voice that is challenging him.

Violence in Islam is not new. Actions reveal what one conceals behind words.  Killing and silencing voice is a sign of defeat at an intellectual rational level.

Why do Muslims attack?
Why do Muslims attack?

The Dichotomy of the so-called Religion of Peace

Not all are intelligent and not all have enough knowledge combat in debate. Therefore, many religious conflicts have resulted in war and blood since human history. There is no Guarantee that we will stop expressing our faith and religion to others. But then how do we bring peace? Muslims love the pronunciation of the word “PEACE” but have they ever thought about how can true peace be established among humans?  Why does Islamic attacks happen on common men?

We are 7 billion people on this planet earth. This means we all have our own independent choices, wills, desires and wants. I may like the red colour. You may be liking black, green or blue. Not only the colour but in innumerable matters we all differ from each other. In a family of three, each one may differ in his choice of food, colour, spending, choice of brands, and so on.Seven billion people with 7 billion choices and their permutation and combinations!

And, among all these countless variations and differences we have our different faith and belief system. For the sake of an arguement, let us assume that all 7 billion people on this earth have become Muslims. That sounds fantastic for Muslims, is not it? My question is how peaceful will that world be? Will all Islamic Attack stop after that?

Will such a world have no further divisions and no further fights among each other? Will there be no Shia, Sunni, Wahabi, Salafi, Sufi separations within the ummah (Community).  Will there be no no more Afghanistan, Taliban, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, Malaysia, etc? Will there be one currency and uniform distribution of wealth?

Will we have no more racial differentiation among black and white? Will ugly fat woman be loved and desired equally as beautiful woman will be? Will horrible faced man be desired and loved by beautiful woman? Will he not ever feel hurt for not being able to get love from whom his heart and eyes desire?

This Allah could not be even equitable with a handful of men on earth. Quran tells a story of Qabil and Habil that Qabil became jealous of Habil! What guarantee is there of peace in this world if all turn Muslims? Will there be no more strife in family, among friends resulting in a peaceful community? Will there be no boundaries, no grabbing of gold, silver diamond, food and other resources?

I would like to get a response from Muslims on this. Do not be fanciful but give us some rational reasons. You can quote your scriptures in defense but at least it should have verifiable rationale from the world around us. However if you cannot, then we Christians are very sure that the world will be the most peaceful place when 7 billion people turn to Jesus.

The Christian Perspective

We are not giving a fanciful imaginary argument. We actually had a glimpse of such times in our scriptures. In days of Solomon, there was peace in the land and there were no wars (I Kings 5:4). Peace and abundance of food of the land is described in the book of the people as

During Solomon’s lifetime Judah and Israel, from Dan to Beersheba, lived in safety, everyone under their own vine and under their own fig tree.

1 Kings 4:25

There was so much food and Gold that value of gold became as stones on road (2 Chronicles 1:15, 9:27). This was just glimpse. The Prophets have prophesied similar comparative peace in the times of Jesus. They have used similar phrases in prophetic voices (Zech 3:10, Micah 4:4). Just as in the times of Solomon, we will have so much wealth and gold in the Millenial kingdom of Jesus that gold and money will be under the human feet (Rev 21:21). Prophets tell us that there will be no harm done to any one by any other creature (See Isaiah 11).

The Bible not only describes this time from a future prophecy but also gives us reason and rationale of how it is possible. We have already identified the problem.The lack of peace in world is not mere religious fight among Christians and Muslims, but the cumulative effect of all individual choices made by 7 Billion people. So, all the 7 billion people on earth, changing to one religion – either Muslims or Christians, is not the solution.  The Bible starts with helping us identify the problem.

When God created the earth, he described all of it as very good. But later, we are told that Adam ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Quran also mentions this story but it hides the name of the forbidden tree. Why does Quran hide the name of the tree?

Why do Muslims Attack?

It is the name of tree that reveals the real problem, that after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that the capacity of Adam and Eve to recognize evil was developed. They could see they were naked. Quran also mentions the effect forbidden that had on them after they ate the forbidden fruit. So why does then Quran remove the name that bible explicitly reveals?

The promoters of Islamic Violence
The promoters of Islamic Violence

Is it not our ability to choose and define what is good and evil for us the reason why we have so many different choices? God said to Adam the day you eat you will die. Death in the sight of God was separated from him who is the source of all life. That very day, God removed Adam and Eve from paradise.

They were separated from God, the source of life. Death started working in them. Since then men began to define what is good and what is evil for them, independently apart from the almighty creator. We make choices and those choices, in turn, have far-reaching repercussions in the chain of events. Events associated with those choices ultimately bring us evil, harm, pain and death.

My individual sins unlike how Quran says, are not limited to me. All my choices has ripple effects, they cause pain for generations to come. We call this as the original sin that which Quran rejects. If I as man, have made technological advancements by my own wisdom, then that which is defined good had ripple effects on the nature.They are caused by the chain of reactions that has brought the curse on mankind.

Yes, technology has not only been a blessing for humanity (good) but it is also become a cause for pain(evil). Our choices and actions that we have defined as good according to our own judgments have caused evil (adverse effects).  Why has Quran hidden the name of the forbidden tree, and the concept of original sin? Why does not it like to tell us that we humans carry in our DNA a nature to independently define good and evil, separately from God? 

The only solution to this death of our soul is to fix the cause for the curse.We must be given rebirth into a state in which we regain our unity with God the source of eternal life. In the Bible, this process is described as new birth by baptism in Jesus. This process supernaturally takes place as we go through the sacrament of baptism. The death of Jesus and resurrection is what makes this possible, which is described in Romans 6, and which Quran denies.


My question to Muslims readers are as follows

  • Why has Quran which is copied from Christian scriptures have hidden the name of forbidden tree?
  • Why has it rejected the concept of original sin, and refused the death and resurrection of Jesus?

It has only kept the story of Adam and Eve and eating of forbidden fruit and story of Jesus, but removed all the key solutions given in bible! Seven billion people turning to one religion is not the solution to peace. How many Hatuns will you try to kill? Will you be happy and peaceful when Muslims attack and kill all the remaining non-Muslims? Isn’t the violence in Islam a standing testimony about its demonic origins?

End of “The Islamic Bargain – Why do Muslims attack?

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