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Strange – Perfectly preserved Quran with more holes – 2

The previous article of the series exposed the lie of the so-called perfectly preserved Quran and its manipulated structure. This article will show how it has been manipulated in the text level itself. Different sources within the available Quran itself shows deviations exposing that it has human interventions.

If a text is perfectly preserved, the following should be observed.

  1. Two copies of the same text should be the exact representation of each other
  2. No Additions in any of them
  3. No Deletions in any of them
  4. Sequences should be not altered

Remember THESE ARE NOT TRANSLATIONS. These are supposed to be the exact representation of the so-called original Quran. Let us check a few of those instances which will prove our case. Saana text is supposed to be a very ancient text. We are comparing it with the Quran of today.

Preserved Quran Text 1?

Notice these two copies. One says the Signs of Allah, whereas the other says the Covenant of Allah and their oaths. So which is the right copy? Who tampered with it? Moreover one says “from His Way” and the other one says “From the way of Allah“. Though a Muslim might say that both are speaking about the way of Allah, it still proves that somebody has tampered with it and hence not preserved.

Perfectly preserved Quran?
Perfectly preserved Quran?

Failed Criteria 1

Preserved Quran Text 2?

Let us see another example here. The Quran of today has a big hole. it has swallowed a substantial portion of the text. Or is this the case of the Saana scribe adding his two cents to the verse?

Which one is preserved and which one is corrupted?
Which one is preserved and which one is corrupted?

Can any Muslim please tell me which one is the original one and which one is corrupted?

Failed Criteria 1, possibly 2 and 3 also.

Preserved Quran Text 3?

Here comes another specimen where you would be hard-pressed to know which one could be the original one. Both seem to be equally tampered with. Most Muslims will not accept that the hole in their narrative is getting more embarrassing. They will bring newer excuses.

How about this preserved Quran Text?
How about this preserved Quran Text?

Failed Criteria 1, 2 and 3 also.

Preserved Quran Text 4?

Let us see another specimen that will help Muslims see the truth about their false belief about the preservation of the Quran. More holes are creating problems for the Quran. How can Jihaad be equivalent to Prayer and Zakat? Most probably a manipulation of the text has been done by the ancestor of Sufis or Wahabis. Let the Muslim Scholars decide.

Are Jihaad and Prayer the same?
Are Jihaad and Prayer the same?

Failed Criteria 1, 2 and 3 also.

Preserved Quran Text 5?

Now let us see this specimen too. Assuming that the Saana text is the earlier one, the modern scribe seems to have gotten some additional inspiration to give more details and reasoning for the unforgiving nature of Allah.

disbelieved 1
More Holes on the Preserved Quran?

Failed Criteria 1 and 2

Preserved Quran Text 6?

Even versions that have come out of the standard text has variations that can alter the meaning. Let us check this one. The Hafs Quran and the Warsh Quran has their own conflicts. For eg one says AND and the other Says OR. Why can’t Allah preserve even these modern versions?

Is it And or OR? Which is the Preserved Quran?
Is it And or OR? Which is the Preserved Quran?


The exhaustive list goes on and on. There is no end to corrections and manipulations done within the so-called perfectly preserved Quran. Sadly, most Muslims are uneducated and brainwashed by their religious leaders. They have been lied to by these corrupt leaders. None among them have the guts to question these unfounded beliefs. Most of them would rather believe in these lies and die in their ignorance. It is our responsibility to expose these holes in their Kitaab hoping that some will think and change.

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