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The Perfectly preserved Quran? – 1 Ultimate Myth Busted

Most Muslims have been told this lie so many times that they have believed the theory of the perfectly preserved Quran. It does not take a Scholar to unravel the erroneous premise of the statement. We just need to do a small digging and we can unearth the flaws of this statement. Before we venture further, let us listen to a message from Islamic Scholar Yassir Qadhi which has shaken the Islamic Ummah. He clearly tells us that the standard narrative has holes in it. He accepts that the Emporer is Naked.

Perfectly preserved Quran has holes in it

Few Holes in the Perfectly Preserved Quran

Muslims have believed that the Quran was just the same as it was when it was first delivered, The only reason they believe it is because they have been lied to by their mullahs and they have not taken any courage to inspect the truthfulness of the statement. There are much more problems with Quran. Click here to know more. As Muslims have not taken the action, it’s upon us Christians to tell them the truth. Christians are exhorted to test all things and hence, these kinds of lies do not stand before Christians.

but test everything; hold fast what is good.

1 Thess 5:21

If a text is perfectly preserved, the following should be observed

  • Two copies of the same text should be the exact representation of each other
  • No Additions in any of them
  • No Deletions in any of them
  • Sequences should be not altered

Notice the Revelation Order from

Quran in Chronological Order

Chronological OrderChapter No.Chapter NameRevealed in
268Al-Qalam Mecca (Except 17-33 and 48-50 which is from Medina)
373Al-MuzzammilMecca (Except 10, 11 and 20 which was from Medina)
1089Al-Fajr Mecca
17107Al-Maa'unMedina (1-3 from Mecca)
18109Al-Kaafiroon Mecca
2353An-NajmMecca (The Chapter with the Satanic Verses. Except 32 which is from Medina)
3377Al-MursalaatMecca (Except 48 which is from Medina)
3450QaafMecca (Except 38 which is from Medina)
3754Al-QamarMecca (Except 44-46 which is from Medina)
4136YaseenMecca (Except 45 which is from Medina)
4225Al-Furqaan Mecca (Except 68-70 which is from Medina)
4419MaryamMecca (Except 58 and 71 which is from Medina)
4520Taa-HaaMecca (Except 130 and 131 which is from Medina)
4656Al-WaaqiaMecca (Except 81 and 82 which is from Medina)
4726Ash-Shu'araa Mecca (Except 197 and 224-227 which is from Medina)
4928Al-Qasas Mecca (Except 52-55 from Medina and 85 from Juhfa at the time of the Hijra)
5018Al-IsraaMecca (Except 26, 32, 33, 57, 73-80 which is from Medina
5110YunusMecca (Except 40, 94, 95, 96, which is from Medina)
5211HudMecca (Except 12, 17, 114 which is from Medina)
5312YusufMecca (Except 1, 2, 3, 7, from Medina)
5415Al-Hijr Mecca (Except 87, from Medina)
556Al-An'aamMecca (Except 20, 23, 91, 93, 114, 151, 152, 153, from Medina)
5731LuqmanMecca (Except 27-29, from Medina)
6040Al-GhaafirMecca (Except 56, 57, which is from Medina)
6242Ash-Shura Mecca (Except 23, 24, 25, 27 which is from Medina)
6343Az-Zukhruf Mecca (Except 54 which from Medina)
6444Ad-Dukhaan Mecca
6545Al-Jaathiya Mecca (Except 14 which is from Medina
6646Al-Ahqaf Mecca (Except 10, 15, 35 which is from Medina)
6751Adh-Dhaariyat Mecca
6888Al-Ghaashiya Mecca
6918Al-Kahf Mecca (Except 28, 83-101, from Medina)
7016An-NahlMecca (Except the last three verses which is from Medina)
7214IbrahimMecca (Except 28, 29, from Medina)
7321Al-Anbiyaa Mecca
7423Al-Muminoon Mecca
7532As-Sajda Mecca (Except 16-20 which is from Medina)
7652At-Tur Mecca
7767Al-Mulk Mecca
7869Al-Haaqqa Mecca
7970Al-Ma'aarij Mecca
8078An-Naba Mecca
8179An-Naazi'aat Mecca
8282Al-Infitaar Mecca
8384Al-Inshiqaaq Mecca
8430Ar-RoomMecca (Except 17, from Medina)
8529Al-Ankaboot Mecca (Except 1-11, from Medina)
8683Al-Mutaffifin Mecca
872Al-Baqara Medina (Except 281 from Mina at the time of the Last Hajj)
893Aal-i-Imraan Medina
9033Al-Ahzaab Medina
9160Al-Mumtahana Medina
924An-Nisaa Medina
9399Az-Zalzala Medina
9547MuhammadMedina (Except 13, revealed during the Prophet's Hijrah
9613Ar-Ra'd Medina
9755Ar-Rahmaan Medina
9876Al-Insaan Medina
9965At-Talaaq Medina
10098Al-Bayyina Medina
10158Al-Hashr Medina
10322Al-Hajj Medina (Except 52-55, revealed between Mecca and Medina)
10558Al-Mujaadila Medina
10649Al-Hujuraat Medina
10766At-Tahrim Medina
10864At-Taghaabun Medina
10961As-Saff Medina
11062Al-Jumu'a Medina
11148Al-Fath Medina (Revealed while returning from Hudaybiyya)
1125Al-MaaidaMedina (Except 3, revealed at Arafat on Last Hajj)
1139At-TawbaMedina (Except last two verses from Mecca)
114110An-NasrMedina (Revealed at Mina on Last Hajj, but regarded as Medinan sura)

Hole No.1

If you notice the above order of the 114 Chapters of the Quran, you will be amused that it is not laid down in chronological order. Chronologically Chapter 96 (Al-Alaq) should come first. How come it is coming as the 96th Chapter? It is like placing the Birth of Jesus narrative in Acts 15 when disciples are discussing circumcision among gentile Christians. Imagine if the New Testament starts with a chapter from the Epistle of the Philippians and the Second Chapter comes from Rev 13, then comes Mark 16…How miserable it would be to read that.

The same is the story of the Quran. None of those chapters is in sequence. It’s all jumbled up. Would you consider this book even worth reading? Look at this house. Reading the Quran is just like living in this house.

The Perfectly preserved Quran
The Order of the Quran – The Perfectly Preserved Quran?

Surely somebody has played with the order of the book. Why is this book in such a mess? Who messed it up? Is this messed up state a sign of PERFECT PRESERVATION? Would you call this book a Perfectly preserved Quran?

Why don’t Muslims ask this basic question?

Hole No. 2

In the above table, If you have noticed the places these Chapters are revealed, you will notice that few other verses from a different context are inserted into other chapters. For eg. Al-Qalam (Sura 2) Which is a Meccan Sura, we see that verses 17-33 and 48-50 are inserted from a Medinan context. Who did that? Did Allah authorise such mixing up? This is definite proof of human intervention and fiddling with the text. With all these kinds of corruption, it sure looks like the work of some men who could not fit the last jigsaw and hence borrowed verses from a different context.

Why don’t Muslims ask this basic question?

The Perfectly preserved Quran?
However you try, this is a Misfit Jigsaw. Sign of The Perfectly preserved Quran?


I am yet to start finding out textual issues with different variants of the Quran. However, with just the basic investigation, I see that this book is a failed book. It cannot even stand the scrutiny of the standard of a story book or a novel. It does not have an introduction or a conclusion. As a reader where should I start with? Shall I start with Sura 1 or Sura 96 which is the first Chronological Sura. Can any Muslim tell me? I now seem to understand the Yassir Qadhi problem. He is right when he said that the Standard Narrative has Holes in it.

End of “The Perfectly preserved Quran? – 1 Ultimate Myth Busted

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