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Hilarious Islamic Logic of Bible corruption 3

Blind Faith is Dangerous. It can only be overcome by actual experience and education. The Islamic Dilemma is for real. Quran challenges people to confirm the words of the Quran using the words in the Torah and Injeel. When the Jewish and Christian scriptures are inspected, Quran comes with a big ZERO. That is where “THE ISLAMIC LOGIC” takes precedence. The difference between the Bible and the Quran is much more than that of Chalk and Cheese. Apart from some names, there is hardly any similarity. If you haven’t read the earlier articles about the allegations of biblical corruption, please click here to read those.

The History of the Bible for people with Islamic Logic
The History of the Bible for people with Islamic Logic

The Circulation of the Old Testament

The Old Testament is also called the TANAKH. After the writing of the book of Malachi, there were no more scriptures in the Jewish religion. By the time of Jesus, the scrolls of the old testament books were circulated and copies(probably Septuagint ones) carried to faraway lands wherever the Jews went. It went to Babylon, Assyria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Rome, Turkey, Greece, Arabia, Persia, India and many other places. These scrolls were placed in the synagogues and formed an integral part of Jewish worship.

It would be preposterous to even think that the Jews Changed the TANAKH in Israel and every other place they went so that they could remove any references to Muhammad or any Quranic synchronization.

Jewish Immigration
Educating the scholars of Islamic Logic – Red Lines denoting Jewish Diaspora during the First Century

To Muslims

To paint an entire community as dishonest, just to prove your scriptures’ authenticity is a mirror of your own character. It exposes the work of a perverted mind to even think that Jews are people who do not revere their scriptures.

Will you as a Muslim, ever want to make changes to all the Qurans in the world to disprove another religion? Will all Muslims think alike and be a party to that little correction as directed by one of your muftis? Will the Shias, Sunnis, Ahmedis, Salafis, Wahabis and all other groups jointly be able to make the small change in the Quran and keep it a super-secret that not even one Muslim expose the dishonesty? If you are thinking such a scenario is possible, you are living in the land of Islamic Logic.

The Enormity of the Stupidity of “Islamic Logic” is Mind boggling

Enter Christianity

Now by the middle of the first century, Christianity started spreading like wildfire to places in Asia, Africa and Europe. Unlike Judaism, Christianity was a Proseletysing religion. Initially, the Christian Scriptures were the same Old Testament (TANAKH) used by the Jews (Acts 17:11). Gradually the Gospels and Epistles of the Apostles also started forming part of the Christian Literatures. The Christian Literatures were later on canonized and called the New Testament (The Christian Scriptures). Christian churches were established throughout parts of the known world by the end of the first century.

Disproving Islamic Logic
Disproving Islamic Logic – Black Lines denoting places of Christian Evangelization.

The Jewish Bible will contain only the 39 books of the Old Testament. However, the Christian Scriptures will contain both the Old and the New Testaments (totalling 66 books). Some Christian Bibles will also have writings in the intertestamental period. These books are commonly known as Apocryphal literature.

During the initial centuries of Christianity, the Gospels and Epistles of the New Testament were copied by devoted scribes and transmitted to churches all over the world (Col 4:16). The Churches which received these copies preserved with them and also further copied and gave them to other new churches which spawned from them. The Scribes that copied these scriptures were not dishonest and unprofessional like the English translators of the Quran. They were God-Fearing men who did their work unbiasedly with utmost honesty.

Add to this scenario, multiple language translations throughout the World. Christian Translators are NOT DISHONEST as the Islamic Translators, to twist words for their doctrinal bias.

Dishonesty is the Hallmark of Islamic Scribes and Translators
Uthman burning all other variant of Quran is the best example of dishonesty

Technically Indestructible Uncorruptible Bible

The Manuscript Copies and Quotations of the bible are so huge in numbers and spread across different lands and languages. that it is technically impossible to destroy the Bible. This is where the Islamic Dilemma gets even more exposed. Muslims really look fools when they accuse us of corrupting our own scriptures. If the Christian Scriptures have to be corrupted, every Christian should buy into the lie and willingly commit the sin. They should also keep it a super-secret throughout all generations. BUT WHY SHOULD CHRISTIANS DO SUCH A THING? JUST TO REMOVE A CARAVAN ROBBER’S REFERENCE?


When you believe in the words of a Lying Caravan Robber of the 7th Century, you will end in a pathetic situation like this. Be sensible and think over before you accuse Christians and Jews of corrupting their own scriptures. It is true that the lies of Muhammad got busted and you are caught with your pants down for believing the lie.

I am still unable to fathom the love of Muslims for this liar that they would kill and be killed for his lies. Reminds me of 2 Thess 2:10-11.

10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason GOD SENDS THEM A POWERFUL DELUSION THAT THEY WILL BELIEVE THE LIE.

2 Thess 2:10-11

End of “Hilarious Islamic Logic of Bible corruption 3

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