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A Plagiarism check through the Quran 2 – Insider Story

In the previous article, we exposed the claims of the Quran asking Torah & Injeel to be its judge. We also showed you that the Quran has imported texts from the Jewish rabbinical commentaries. Today we will continue with the plagiarism check through the Quran to show that it has contents copied from “external sources”. We will also prove that these external sources are not considered sacred scriptures by Jews and Christians.

Even in his very days, Mohammad got busted for misunderstanding Jewish fairy tales. He assumed those fairytales as divinely inspired scriptures of the Jews (see Surah 6:25, 8:31, 23:82-83, 25:4-6, 27:67-68, 46:17, 68:15, 83:13). One might wonder how Mohammad, who could not read or write (Surah 96:1-5, 7:157), read and copied from Jewish scriptures or fairytales? Islamic sources had left traces that point to the sources of Mohammad’s Judeo-Christian connection.  

The External Evidence

If we go through the Quran and the hadiths we will find lots of written evidence supporting this fact.

  • Quran mentions that Mohammad was accused of learning Jewish stories from non-Arabic people(Quran 16:101-104). Saheeh Bukhari also witnesses that there was a Christian person from whom Mohammad learnt his revelations (Bukhari 4:56:814). Islamic historian Ibn-Ishaq (Ibn Ishaq page 180) also mentions this person. So we have witness from three sources – Quran, Saheeh Hadith and Islamic History, giving us Mohammad’s Judeo-Christian connection.  
  • Further, Khadija (Mohammad’s first wife), was from a Christian cult. Her father was the leader of tribe. Her cousin Waraqah ibn Naofal was a priest of that christian cult. Hence, the Christian (Gnostic) connection is undeniable.
  • Saheeh Bukhari describes that people of the book (Jews/Christians) used to read Hebrew scripture and translate them into Arabic into ears of Muslims (Sahih al-Bukhari 7362).
  • Mohammad’s eightth wife (Umm Habiba bint Abu Sufayan) was also a Christian, whose former husband (Ubaydullah Jahsh) was a Christian.
  • Bukhari also mentions an incident where Aisha was told some folk stories by two Jewish old ladies which later Muhammad confirmed that he too believes in that folk story(Sahih al-Bukhari 6366). This confirms that Jews used to discuss their stories to Arabian tribals. 
  • Another Islamic commentator says prophet hada habit of going to a Christian every evening (Hughes Dictionary of Islam, p. 30, quotes Tafsir –i- Husaini)

Therefore, undeniably plethora of evidence points to Mohammad’s Judeo-Christian sources.

Example No. 2

We have already covered example no. 1 in the previous article (click here).  Now consider the following verse from the Quran.

Thereupon Allah sent forth a raven who began to scratch the earth to show him how he might cover the corpse of his brother. So seeing he cried: ‘Woe unto me! Was I unable even to be like this raven and find a way to cover the corpse of my brother? Then he became full of remorse at his doing

Quran 5:31

This story of the raven sent by Allah to dig a hole to cover the body of Abel, whom Cain slew, is not in the Torah, or any other book of the bible. Mohammad again got this from outside of the Jewish-Christian Scriptures. This is from the folklore of Jewish writer “Pirke De-Rabbi Eli’ezer.” Let us look at it.

Plagiarism check through the Quran 2
Plagiarism check through the Quran 2

The dog which was guarding Abel’s flock also guarded his corpse against all the beasts of the field and all the fowl of the heavens. Adam and his helpmate were sitting and weeping and mourning for him, and they did not know what to do (with Abel), for they were unaccustomed to burial. A raven (came), one of its fellow birds was dead (at its side). (The raven) said: I will teach this man what to do. It took its fellow and dug in the earth, hid it and buried it before them.

Pirke De Rabbi Eliezer XXI


In the first part (Surah 5:32 discussed in the first article of this series), Mohammad confused rabbinical commentary to be a Jewish Torah passage. Here again, he is accepting a Jewish fable for their scriptures. He is ready to take whatever comes in his way.  Few Muslims have objected that the Jewish writer of folklore “Pirke De-Rabbi Eli’ezer ” as a post-Islamic (based dating of the manuscript) writer. Unfortunately for them, Christians have shown there is another manuscript that dates back to the pre-Islamic era.

This again proves Quran is not words from heaven rather they are copied from earthly books by The Plagiariser Mohammad.  We will continue to expose the holy book of the Muslims.   

Failed the Plagiarism Check
Failed the Plagiarism Check

End of “A Plagiarism check through the Quran 2 – Insider Story

Part -1
Part – 3

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