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Seductive impersonation by Allah 2

This is a continuation of our previous article about the Name of God. The Allah of the Muslims is an entity that was introduced by Muhammad as an alternative to the God of the Jews and Christians. Since then the gullible Muslims are led astray by the Seductive impersonation by Allah. When Muhammad copied the concept of God from the Jews and Christians, he left lots of loose ends and those loose ends are the ones that are bothering today’s Muslims.

Allah from the pages of history books

Muslims always tell us that Allah is the generic name of God, in Arabic. But in reality, is that so? Let us turn to the pages of history and investigate from their own books.

The Qureishis has a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Allah was one of the tribal gods in the pantheon. Muhammad belonged to this tribe. The gods in the pantheon are as follows

Pre-Islamic Gods of Arabia

‘Amm. A’ra. Abgal. Allah. Al-Lat. Al-Qaum. Almaqah. Anbay. Atarsamain. Athtar. Basamum. Dhu l-Khalasa. Dushara. Haukim. Hubal. Isāf and Nā’ila. Manaf. Al-Manāt. Nasr. Nuha. Quzah. Ruda. Sa’d. Shams, Samas. Syn. Suwa’. Ta’lab. Theandriosal-‘. Al-Uzzá. Wadd. Ya’uq. Yaghūth. Yatha

Allah had three daughters(Al-Lat, Manāt, Uzzá) according to the Qureishi beliefs(Sura 53:19-20). What Muhammad did was to take this tribal god and impersonate him as the same God as worshipped by the Jews and Christians. He, therefore, removed the three daughters from the Hybrid Allah and took some features from the belief of Jews and Christians to define the new Allah. Interestingly, the Qurán itself gives clues to that.

Seductive impersonation by Allah
The Pantheon of the Qureishi gods of Arabia – Seductive impersonation by Allah

In the process of denying that it is the very same tribal god Allah of the Quraish people, the Qur’an prompts Muhammad to ask why do they attribute daughters to Allah. Clearly, Muhammad and the Quraish people were in disagreement with certain features of the same tribal god Allah. Muhammad wanted to elevate the Arabian tribal god as the God of the Universe.

Ask them ˹O Prophet˺ if your Lord has daughters,1 while the pagans ˹prefer to˺ have sons.

Sura 37:149
Seductive impersonation by Allah leads Muslims Astray
Seductive impersonation by Allah leads Muslims Astray

According to the Qureishi beliefs, this Allah had a marital relationship with the Jinn families. Now Muhammad is trying to delink all those age-old beliefs of the Qureishi Tribal people. The controversy continues in different places within the Quran itself.

They have also established a ˹marital˺ relationship between Him and the jinn. Yet the jinn ˹themselves˺ know well that such people will certainly be brought ˹for punishment˺.1

Sura 37:158
Seductive impersonation by Allah
Seductive impersonation by Allah continues

Scriptures like these are clear proofs that Allah was a Deity of the Qureishi tribesman. Muhammad had to literally hijack Allah from them. He and his Allah had to do lots of arguing and seducing to elevate him above the cube of Kaaba.

In fact, the Qureishi people were amused by the antics of Muhammad and they just ignored his nonsense.

“The unbelievers said, ‘Has he made all that is to be worshipped a single God, who alone is to be called upon and hears all invocations. This is a very curious thing which we have not heard of.’ So the leaders amongst them went off saying to one another, ‘Continue in what you are upon and persist in worshipping your idols. He only says this to gain ascendancy over us.’”

Sura 38:5-6

The Loose end

Even though Muhammad kept saying that Allah is an absolute one, his so-called Allah got exposed in Sura 112(Al-Ikhlas). The translators did masking up to cover up the scam.

قُل هُوَ اللَّهُ أَحَدٌ

Sura 112:1

The Transliteration in English is qul huwa llāhu ʾaḥad

The literal translation of the verse is “Say, ‘He Allah is One of [the people]”

The word aḥad is clearly “ONE OF” as in “One of Many” indicating that he is one of the many tribal gods of the Qureishi tribe. Had he been THE ABSOLUTE ONE, they would have used the word Al-Wahid. If you go back and check the translations of Qurán you will see that these dishonest translators have made the “ONE OF” as “ONE” so that the edifice of the ABSOLUTE ONE is preserved.

Unfortunately for them, the Lies of the translators would not sync up. They forgot to massage the same word and cover up in Sura 4:43 where the word is ʾaḥad in أَوْ جَاءَ أَحَدٌ مِّنكُم. It means “ONE OF” according to their own translation. How come these double standards? If they were honest, shouldn’t aḥad mean an ABSOLUTE ONE as in Sura 112:1? Here أَوْ جَاءَ أَحَدٌ مِّنكُم is rendered correctly as: Or if “ONE OF (not one) you came. Clearly, they are dishonest in their ways where they acknowledge the word’s true meaning in Sura 4:43 but twist in Sura 112:1.

Seductive impersonation by Allah
Gullible Muslims are led astray by double standards of translators

Unfortunately, for Muslims, the next verse does more damage.

اللَّهُ الصَّمَدُ

Sura 112:2

The Transliteration in English is allāhu ṣ-ṣamad

The literal translation of the verse is Allahu as-Samad

The Translators have invented words for Samad to cover up the botched work. They give made-up meanings like “Eternal”. “Sustaining”, “All-Embracing” and whatever they like fits the pie. However, Ibn Kathir, their scholar says that Samad and Samud are names of Idols. He says that the Kaafirs of the Quraish worship the Idols. One is Samad and the others are Samud and Al-hibah. Seductive impersonation by Allah

So knowing this mystery, we can translate Sura 112:1-2 as follows

Say Allah is One of the Other Idols
Ibn Kathir (by explanation)

Most translations of the Qur’an by Tablighees, Indian Muslims and Pakistanis are dishonest.

The Shahada Expose

Shahada is an Islamic confession in which Muslims accept the Deity of Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad. The Wordings of the Shahada are mentioned below.

Seductive impersonation by Allah leads Muslims Astray
Gullible Muslims are led astray by the Shahada

Notice the wordings. It says there is no god but Allah. If the word Allah meant God in a generic form, the confession should have been “lā ā llāhʾillā llāhu“.The Shahada exposes the Islamic lie that Allah is the generic name for God in Arabic. In reality, the generic name of God in Arabic is ʾilāha.

Without any doubt, the Allah of Islam is an import from the Qureishi tribe. Muhammad circumcised away the undesirable part and created a new definition for the Qureishi god, Allah(One of the Pre-Islamic Gods of Arabia).

Why Christian bibles use the word, Allah?

In the pre-Islamic era, Christian references to God in Arabic was always ʾilāha. Many Christian tombstones discovered in the Arabian peninsula uses the Arabic word ʾilāha. as a reference to God. However, after the domination of Islam, during the ottoman empire, the Christians in those land used the word Al + ʾilāha (The God) = Allah as a merged word in a generic form. However, the Arabic bible still Quotes the Name of God in Exodus 3:15 as YHWH/Jehovah.

وَقَالَ أيْضًا لِمُوسَى: «قُلْ لِبَنِي إسْرَائِيلَ: ‹يهوه[d] إلَهُ آبَائِكُمْ، إلَهُ إبْرَاهِيمَ وَإلَهُ إسحَاقَ وَإلَهُ يَعْقُوبَ أرْسَلَنِي إلَيكُمْ. هَذَا اسْمِي إلَى الأبَدِ، وَلَقَبِي فِي كُلِّ جِيلٍ.›»

Exodus 3:15
Seductive impersonation by Allah leads Muslims Astray
Yahweh/Jehovah/Yhuh Highlighted – Seductive impersonation by Allah leads Muslims Astray

“Educated Muslim” is of the view, that the Arabic Bible have to be re-translated to make known that we have no connection with the imposter Allah of Islam. All references to Allah need to be re-worded as ʾilāha.


Dear Muslims, How long will you continue to live a lie? The god that was introduced to you was the tribal god Allah and not the God of the Bible. Gullible Muslims are led astray by Muhammad. No amount of refining your god will make him the God of the Bible. Allah is an imposter. Realise your folly and follow the Only True God – YHWH.

End of “Seductive impersonation by Allah leads Muslims Astray 2

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Part – 3

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