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The Miserable failure of the Royal WE concoction 3

One question which the Muslims have failed to answer all this while is the use of the Plural when Allah addresses himself. Welcome to the miserable failure of the Royal WE concoction. To understand this article, you should go through the previous article of this series. We would be referring to the previous article to prove points regarding Allah. Click here to read that before you continue to read this article about the Royal WE Problem.

The Language exposes the Deception

In the previous article, we saw that Muhammad had taken “ONE OF(ʾaḥad) THE TRIBAL GODS” by name Allah and redefined him to look like the God of the Universe that is worshipped by the Christians and the Jews. He forced his followers to think that Allah is now the new god after the “new baptism” given by Muhammad. But the Islamic Dilemma does not leave the Muslims. The Quránic language is riddled with problems. The SINGULAR ALLAH, sometimes speak in Plural and some other times, speak in the singular. The Jugglery of Muhammad with the wordings is clearly exposed.

The Miserable failure of the Royal WE concoction. The Royal We Problem.
The Confused Allah – The Miserable failure of the Royal WE concoction

This passage is from Sura 17:1. Muslims generally consider that the Qurán is the direct word from Allah’s own mouth. Let us analyse the statement.

Glory be to HIM Who took His servant by night from the Holy Mosque to the Further Mosque

Sura 17:1a

If Allah is speaking this verse, we see a Narcissistic Megalomaniac Allah. He is self-exalting himself. Such a character is unlike the God of the Bible, where the People and the Angels praise him. for eg, Psalm 148. Clearly, the Allah of the Qurán and the God of the Bible are totally different beings. Allah addresses himself in the Singular here. He addresses himself as “HIM“. Let’s go to the next portion of the same verse.

the precincts of which WE have blessed that WE might show him OUR Signs.

Sura 17:1b

Suddenly this Singular Allah is changing himself to a Plural Group. Immediately the “HE” becomes a “WE”. Remember that this dual nature of Allah is exposed in the VERY SAME SENTENCE. The twist continues to the last sentence of this same verse.

The Royal We Problem 1
the Royal WE concoction

HE is the All-hearing and the All-seeing

Sura 17:1c

Unless the “HE” here is Muhammad, we see this Allah, changes back to the Singular. If the Muslims argue that the “HE” in this sentence is Muhammad, then they have a bigger theological problem than the Schizophrenic Allah who keeps swinging between his singularity and plurality.

Why is Allah behaving like this? Is it not Muhammad himself wearing the mask of Allah and prophesying in his name?

How do we reconcile this problem?

Is not this one main reason Muslims tell others to read the Quran in Arabic, knowing very well that they cannot read it?

Is it the Royal WE or Schizophrenia?

There is no end to this Islamic Dilemma. The more Muslims want to cover up for their Muhammad and his puppet Allah, the more their trousers tear off. There seems to be no end.

What is the Royal “WE”?

Let us check some definitions.

The royal we is commonly employed by a person of high office, such as a monarch or other type of sovereign. It is also used in certain formal contexts by bishops and university rectors. William Longchamp is credited with its introduction to England in the late 12th century, following the practice of the Chancery of Apostolic Briefs.


The royal “we” is also referred to as the majestic plural or pluralis majestatis, in Latin. Despite its name, the royal “we” has been used by people other than royalty, though it is most often associated with kings and queens. This strange grammatical construct has its roots in the 1100s. We will examine the meaning of the personal pronoun, the royal “we”, who first used the expression in the English language, and some examples of that use in sentences.

The Grammatist

The Inference of the above definitions is simple.

Royal “WE” is used by HUMANS who hold high offices
Wikipedia and Grammatist

Indeed this punctures the whole of Islamic Excuse. Royal “WE” is used for HUMANS and NOT for the DIVINE BEING.

The Purpose of the Royal “WE”

Let us see the usages and the reason for such usages. Monarchs used the term WE for themselves in matters which were of concern for their kingdom. They used the term “WE” to manipulate any opposition to their decisions and signify a stamp of DIVINE APPROVAL.

For example, in his manifesto confirming the abdication of Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich, Emperor Alexander I begins:

By the Grace of God, We, Alexander I, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias ….”

Emperor Alexander I

Notice how he is stamping a note of Divine Approval to his decision. So the assumed (HE + GOD) becomes the WE. That is how the Royal WE came into Existence.

How did Allah get it Wrong?

When an illiterate Arabian caravan robber wanted to act as the messenger of God, he is bound to make such mistakes. The Imaginary Allah was trying to act as if he is all-hearing and all-seeing. This is the point when I agree with most Muslims that he was uneducated and illiterate. But remaining uneducated and trying to justify unreasonable things, is just a poor excuse. It just adds to the Islamic Dilemma.

The miserable failure of the Royal WE concoction
Royal WE or Schizophrenia? What is it?

Had Muhammad been using the term “We”, it could mean that he was using the approval of Allah to dictate things. However, when Allah himself quotes the term “WE“, It comes from the conscience of a tribal god of the Polytheist Quereshi tribe. This conscience plays in Muhammad’s mind always. When it gets intense, he even blurts out SATANIC VERSES as we see in Sura 53(An Najm). Then later on when he realises that it has deviated from this make-believe Allah, he had to blame it on Satan for that. Is it Royal WE or Schizophrenia?


Dear Muslim friends, why are you perspiring and trying to explain away the obvious? Truly the Dilemma is immense. The “WE” and the frequent switching between the plural and singular is a clear indication of a confused mind. It is NOT the Royal WE. Why do we need to hide the miserable failure of the Royal We in this case? Unless you get neutral and try to critically analyse the situation, the Royal We will continue to be a problem.

End of “The Miserable failure of the Royal WE concoction 3

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