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The Wrong Kaaba – Exposing the Hidden story of Islam

The Hajj (Pilgrimage) to Mecca is the fifth pillar of Islam. Every Muslim is obligated to Hajj at least once in his lifetime – i.e. to stand before a stone (called Kaaba) and praise Allah at Mecca. Of many rituals that Muslims perform at Hajj at Mecca, like Stoning the devil, moving counterclockwise to Kaaba, visit of Mount Arafat, and so on, one is running between the two hills Safa and Marwa. It is called Sai.

Indeed, ˹the hills of˺ Ṣafa and Marwah1 are among the symbols of Allah. So whoever performs the pilgrimage or minor pilgrimage,2 let them walk between ˹the two hills˺. And whoever does good willingly, Allah is truly Appreciative, All-Knowing.

Quran 2:158

The origin of this tradition traces back to the story of Hajira the concubine of Abraham. The story goes like this that when Abraham banished his concubine Hajira and her son Ishmael from his house, Ishmael felt thirsty and Hajira being desperate to quench the thirst of her lad, ran desperately between the two hills Safa and Marwa. This episode is narrated in Sahi Al Bukhari (1643 Book 25, Hadith 125) in detail. A shorter version is in Bukhari 4496 book 65 Hadith 23. 

Narrated `Asim bin Sulaiman:

I asked Anas bin Malik about Safa and Marwa. Anas replied, “We used to consider (i.e. going around) them a custom of the Pre-islamic period of Ignorance, so when Islam came, we gave up going around them. Then Allah revealed” “Verily, Safa and Marwa (i.e. two mountains at Mecca) are among the Symbols of Allah. So it is not harmful of those who perform the Hajj of the House (of Allah) or perform the Umra to ambulate (Tawaf) between them.” (2.158)

Sahih al-Bukhari 4496

Beersheba or the Mecca of Kaaba

This story, of Abraham, banishing Hajira (Hagar) his maiden and her son Ishmael, appears in the Bible also. However, the mythical running of Hajira between the two hills, and Abraham’s establishing of Kaaba (stone) does not appear in the bible. The biblical description appears in the book of Genesis 21:8-21.

The Bible, however, does not mention the two acrobatics of Hajira(Hagar) at the two hills. For our present discussion, it is noteworthy that as per the bible, Hagar (Hajira) left Abraham’s home and arrived at Beersheba (Genesis 21: 14), but according to Islam, she left Abraham’s abode to reach Mecca (Surah 14:35-37, Tafsir Ibn Kathir).

These two places are quite a distance from each other and there is less chance of combining the two. Mecca is 1250 Km to 1400 Km from Beersheba and Paran (the place where Ishmael grew up as a lad as per the bible).

The question is – “which of the story truly describes and which one is fabricated?” Was Ishmael brought up in Mecca and married a woman from Bani Jurhum (Surah 14:35-37, Tafsir Ibn Kathir) or is the biblical description of Ishmael that he married an Egyptian woman and dwelt at Paran about 1200 Km from Mecca?

The Location of the Kaaba?
The Location of the Kaaba?

Did this incident happen in the wilderness at Beersheba as the bible says or at Mecca as Islam teaches? There is no disagreement whether this incident took place or not, but the point of difference is geography because even though Paran or Beersheba may not be important for Christians or Jews, Mecca is certainly very important to Muslims. There is no reason for a biblical writer to fabricate and lie and they might have erred, but the Muslims if they are in error, then if they cannot escape that it is an accidental mistake but have no other escape than to accept that it is an intentional fabrication. So, how do we prove which story is true?

Archaeological Evidences

Firstly, Islam cannot supply historical or archaeological records (prior to Islam) for people to verify its claim that Ishmael indeed lived at Mecca. However, archaeology proves that Paran and Beersheba are 1200 Km away from what Muslims consider Mecca as in the 21st century. The Mecca according to Archaeology is what the bible describes as Paran. Here is the link to Dan Gibson’s archaeological discoveries.

The Wrong Kaaba – Exposing the Hidden story of Islam

Click here to read the transcript of this video. This proves that if Mecca is near biblical Paran then all the Hajj and rituals that Islamists perform and present site at Mecca is a fabrication.

Does Quran agree with this position of Kaaba?

Quran hints that the story concocted by Quran about Ishmael is a fabrication. Let us see how.

Firstly, Quran says, that Allah sent Mohammad to the people to whom his prophets were never sent with Allah’s words or warning.  

Or do they say, “He has fabricated it!”? No! It is the truth from your Lord in order for you to warn a people to whom no warner has come before you, so they may be ˹rightly˺ guided.

Quran 32:3

Now if this is true then, why did Allah send Mohammad to Mecca and to Arabs again, because Quran says that he had earlier sent Prophet Ishmael to Mecca and Arabs.

And mention in the Book ˹O Prophet, the story of˺ Ishmael. He was truly a man of his word, and was a messenger and a prophet. He (Ishmael) used to urge his people (his people as he dwelt at Mecca) to pray and give alms-tax. And, his Lord was well pleased with him

Quran 19:54-55

Remember when Abraham prayed, “My Lord! Make this city ˹of Mecca˺ secure, and keep me and my children away from the worship of idols. Our Lord! I have settled some of my offspring in a barren valley, near Your Sacred House, our Lord, so that they may establish prayer. So make the hearts of ˹believing˺ people incline towards them and provide them with fruits, so perhaps they will be thankful

Quran 14:35-37

And ˹remember˺ when We made the Sacred House a centre and a sanctuary for the people ˹saying˺, “˹You may˺ take the standing-place of Abraham as a site of prayer.” And, we entrusted Abraham and Ishmael to purify My House for those who circle it, who meditate in it, and who bow and prostrate themselves ˹in prayer˺

Quran 2:125

So can Muslims answer this contradiction?

Was Allah sending Mohammad to people who never heard the words of Allah ?


Mecca in Arabia is not the place where Abraham and Ishmael erected a house of prayer ?


Muslims need to stop following this absurdity and reorganize their religion and align it back to the religion of the bible. Mohammad was a liar. As modern people inspect and verify his religion does not stand the test. He and those who concocted this religion made blunders. Truth is only with Yahweh the God of the Bible, the God of the people of the book. Accept him and be saved from the eternal damnation of your souls in hellfire. May God Yahweh open your eyes to lies and deception of Allah the god of Islam! 

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