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The Strange Family of the Prophet and his Relations 3

When we dig more into the facts about the Family of the prophet, we get to know very strange things. The Mother of the Prophet, his Father, and other relations give a feeling that the characters are quite uncultured. Continuing with the details shared by Christian Prince in his book “The Deception of Allah“. Click here to read the previous articles of this series.

The Family of the Prophet, as we know

Below is a diagrammatic representation of the Family of Qathem. Qathem is the one who later took on the name of Muhammad and called himself a Prophet.

The Strange Family of the Prophet and his Relations
The Strange Family of the Prophet and his Relations

The Relationship between Qathem and Hamza

Continuing from the earlier article, Let us recall the first story about how Waraqa’s sister, by the name of Qatilah
Bin Naofal, offered herself to Abduallah for him not to have sex with Amena, but he did anyway. Therefore, Waraqa’s sister did not want him anymore. If we connect this with other stories, we find that Waraqa Ibn Naofal is in every step of Muhammad’s life. In the same book (Book of Al- Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Print. 1, 1968, Vol. 1, p. 95) it says that:

image 4
How the Uncle is also a brother as per Islam

Abd Al-Mu’taleb Ibn Hashem and his son Abd-Allah married on the same day, so Halah daughter of Waheb gave birth to ‘Hamza, who became Muhammad’s uncle and his brother by breastfeeding (Muslims believe that if two suckles from the same woman, they become brothers)

Ibn Ishaq records that when the father of Qathem(Muhammad) married Amena (Muhammad’s mother) he stayed with her three nights, as was the tradition at that time.

We find that the grandfather of Muhammad (Abd Al-Mu’taleb Ibn Hashem) and his son (Abd-Allah Ibn Abd Al-Mu’taleb) had sex with two cousin sisters, Amena and Halah. Technically, Muhammad’s aunt is his grandfather’s woman, or we can call her his wife. It says that Halah gave birth to ‘Hamza (Muhammad’s uncle). Therefore, it would mean that Muhammad and Hamza got breastfed by the mother of Hamza. That made ‘Hamza, the uncle of Muhammad, also his brother (by suckling the same woman’s milk), but not in the same time period (year).

Ibn Ishaq also says that Muhammad’s father slept only with Muhammad’s mother for three days! He even slept with her in her house! How can she be his wife? Why didn’t he? If they were a couple, why didn’t she move in with him?! This means that the Mother of the Prophet never moved into Abdullah’s house!!

The Age Difference between Qathem and Hamza

Islamic Scholars think that the difference between Hamza and Qathem (Muhammad) could be Seven (7) Years or Four (4) Years. It depends on which text you put more faith in.

The Seven Year Older Hamza Text

In the Book of Ibn Kathir, Vol. 1, p. 255, Ibn Hisham said that Muhammad was 14 or 15 years old when the battle of Al-Fajar had begun.

Family of the Prophet
Age of Muhammad when the Battle of Al-Fajar began

We find the same story from the Book Al-Sira Al-Naboiah, by Dr Muhammad Ahmed Mahmoud Hasabalah (this is his entire name) and Dr Muhammad AbduAlqader Al-Khateb. Both are professors of Islamic history and civilization in Al Azhar University (the highest university accepted by Osama bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri and Muslims).

They both say in their book that the battle of Al-Fajar started 12 years after the death of Abd-Al-Mu’taleb, the father of Hamza and that Hamza was 22 years old!!!

In the same book, both doctors agree Muhammad was 15 years old when the war of Al-Fajar had begun. Below is the link for their book. I know Muslims will not believe this. Let us say 99% of Muslims never read books, so how would they know? Click here and know more.

The Mother of the Prophet
The Difference of Age between Muhammad and Hamza

If Hamza was 22 at the time of war and Muhammad was 15, this means that, according to these scholars, Hamza is seven years older than Muhammad. But Hamza was born in the same year Muhammad’s father died! This would mean that Muhammad was born seven years after his father’s death.

The Book of Sira Ibn Kathir, Vol. 1, p. 263 says:

image 8
The proposal of Muhammad

When Muhammad wanted to marry Khadija, he told his uncle about her and ‘Hamza went to Khadija and asked for her hand for Muhammad.

In Arab traditions, as I know our traditions very well, you do not ask someone of your own age to go on your behalf asking for someone’s hand. It’s not at all acceptable. Here, Hamza fits in both ways to do the job: He is Muhammad’s uncle and is older.

The Four Years Older Hamza Text

Now we will find out from the Book of Da’ert Al-Ma-Ma’aref Al-Islamiyah, Vol. 29, p. 9112, that Muhammad was born in the year 570 AD. All Islamic books agree that the battle of Ohod was in the year 625. This means that if we take the year 625 (Ohod Battle) and subtract 570 (his birth year), we get to the age of Muhammad. He was 55 years old.

In the Book of Al-Tabakat Al Kubra, Vol. 3, p. 29/118,

image 9
Text proving that Hamza was 4 years older than Muhammad

‘Hamza held the flag in the attack against the children of Qanika’a (the Jewish tribe who were all killed by Muhammad) and when he died, his age was 59. Here, ‘Hamza was older than the prophet by 4 years.

Muslims might say I am making things up. This can be found in many Islamic books such as:

image 10
Indeed Hamza and Muhammad were breastfed by Halah in two different years because of the age difference.

The hadith is correct and is, therefore, favoured above other hadiths. Hamza’s mother breastfed them both at two different times. As was with the women of those days, she had multiple kids and hence kept lactating.

Al-Mustadark Fe Al-Sahih, Vol. 3, p. 212, Hadith 4873:

image 11
The Death of Hamza

‘Hamza used to have two names, Abu-‘Ali and ‘Emarah. He became a Muslim six years after Islam started and he was four years older than Muhammad. He was killed in the battle of ‘Ohod, Saturday the seventh of the month of Shoal (Islamic calendar).

Book of Al-Tabaqat Al-Kubra, print. 1, 1968, Vol. 3, p. 103:

image 12
Hamza was 4 years older than the prophet

“’Hamza, may Allah have mercy on him, was killed by a man named Wahshy, he was fifty-nine years old and four years older than the prophet.”

The Inference

  • Muhammad’s grandfather and his father slept with sisters in the same time period.
  • Few days after the marriage, Muhammad’s father left Ameena (The Mother of the Prophet).
  • Muhammad’s Father died within three months of the marriage.
  • Muhammad was born more than four years after that.

Therefore, Muhammad cannot be the son of that man whom Muslims call Abduallah, as we see in Ibn Kathir’s book of Al-Bidayah & Al-Nihayiah, Vol. 2, p. 316. In the end, a tribe of Banu Nader came asking for Muhammad, when he was a child, claiming that he was their child. It’s so clear that only his mother knows the actual father. It’s definitely not Abduallah.

image 13

As his mother gave birth to him many years after Abdullah’s death, Muhammad had to give an explanation. Therefore, to cover this obvious discrepancy, Muhammad told them that a woman can be pregnant for many years. This is how his grandfather got convinced that Muhammad must have been his grandson.

The Adoption of Muhammad into the Hamza family

To conclude this exploration of Muhammad’s ancestry, read with me Sahih Al- Bukhari, Book 40, Hadith 563. This important hadith shows that Muhammad was only a slave to the family he grew up with:

…………………………”When I saw that dreadful sight, I went to the Prophet (ﷺ) and told him the news. The Prophet (ﷺ) came out in the company of Zaid bin Haritha who was with him then, and I too went with them. He went to Hamza and spoke harshly to him. Hamza looked up and said, ‘Aren’t you only the slaves of my forefathers?The Prophet (ﷺ) retreated and went out. This incident happened before the prohibition of drinking.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2375
  • Why would the uncle of Muhammad say such a lie, unless it’s true?
  • Why did Muhammad withdraw himself right after, without even saying a word?
  • The words of Hamza were stating a fact to the point Muhammad could not respond and fight back;
  • Wasn’t Muhammad worried that if he talked more, Hamza would say more things that he would not want to hear?
  • It’s so clear that Muhammad was not expecting Hamza, his uncle, to say that in the first place;
  • This all leads to one thing: Muhammad is the son of an unknown father;
  • When this family adopted him, they called him Qathem, after one of their sons that had passed away.
The Strange Family of the Prophet and his Relations

End of “The Strange Family of the Prophet and his Relations 3“. Extract from The Deception of Allah by Christian Prince

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