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Hidden Secrets surrounding the birth of Muhammad 2

Christians take much pride in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and proclaim that as a sign of the divinity of Christ. But much of Islamic texts regarding the Birth of Muhammad is hidden and unexposed. Most Muslims are made to believe stories in which their own texts are unclear. The Hidden secrets surrounding the birth of Muhammad is usually brushed under the carpet as it reveals many embarrassing details. This article is derived from the Book “The Deception of Allah Vol 1” by Christian Prince.

What are these Hidden Secrets?

This is the second in the series about the Arabian prophet of Islam. Click here to go to Part-1 of this series.

Muhammad was born in the year 570, which is four years after his named father, Abduallah, died! Some might say, “How can a child be born four (4) years after his father’s death?” The answer is simple. Abduallah was called his father, but he was not really his father.

Muhammad’s mother had many children, not only Muhammad, the Arabian prophet. If the first and only individual man who had her was Muhammad’s father, how does she have so many children? In the Book of Imam Al Suyuti the Al Kasa’s Al-Kubra, Vol. 1, p. 132, 133, 134,135 Muhammad’s mother said the following:

Hidden secrets of the Birth of Muhammad
About the pregnancy and birth of Muhammad

It can be translated as “I was pregnant with him, and it was the easiest one of my pregnancies”.

No one speaks about his brothers or sisters. How can he have brothers or sisters, since Muslims claim that Muhammad was the firstborn and never saw his father? We are also given to understand that his mother was newly married. Moreover, Muhammad’s father died a few months after he married her (as Muslims claim). The only way she would have had other pregnancies is up to you to imagine and deduce.

The Perverse Society and the Orgy Marriage

Before Islam, there was a kind of marriage they called Zawaj Al Rahe’t, which meant “Group Marriage“.

This is how the marriage worked: The woman sleeps with many men, seven, ten, or more. The number doesn’t matter much. All are called Raht or Groups. You could say it’s not marriage at all. It was more of an Orgy accepted by society. The mother then chose the father of her baby when she gave birth.

Hidden Secrets of Abduallah’s Adventures

The following is from a Hadith which details the life of Abduallah(Muhammad’s claimed father) before the birth of Muhammad. Click here for that Arabic Hadith.

Excerpt of the hadith translation: Book of Al-Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Print. 1, 1968, Vol. 1, p. 95, 96: The English translation of the Arabic text is highlighted.

Unravelling hidden secrets
Unravelling Hidden Secrets

Obed Allah told us that (…) it was Waraqa Ibn Naofal’s sister on the road looking for men. As she looked, she did not like any until she saw Abduallah (Muhammad’s father) walk by. She said to him, holding him from his clothes, “What do you think about my goods?” (Get what you need from me.)

He said, “Not now. When I am back!” He went out fast and entered Amena Bent Wahab (Muhammad’s mother) and had sex with her. On his way back, he came to meet with Waraqa Ibn Naofal’s sister and said to her, “You’d still like to sleep with me!” She said, “No! When you walked by before you left me, I saw a shiny face, but now you have lost that shiny face.” (Maybe he got tired from sex.)

We can find the same story with additional details in the book entitled, Alsyrah Al-Nbwyah Le-Ibn- Hisham (Arabic), Printing 2.02, Vol. 1, p. 292, Author: Ibn Hisham Al-’Ansaary/’Abd Allah bin Yusuf: The hadith translation of this book, Chapter of Woman Offering Herself For Nukah (sex) to Abduallah Ibn Abd-Al-Mu’taleb (Muhammad’s father): The translation of the Arabic text is highlighted.

image 2
Another version of the visit to Ameena House

Ibn Ishaq said: “Then Abd-Al-Mu’taleb (Muhammad’s Grandfather) left, and he took with him Abduallah, at the same time they passed by a woman, she is from the family of Assad son of ‘Uza son of ‘Qusai son of Dogs (dogs was the name of
Muhammad’s early grandfather) son of Murah son of Ka’eb son of Lu’e son of Galeb son of Faher.”

She said when she saw his face: “Where are you going Abduallah?” He said, “With my father,” then she said, “I will give you the same number of camels as was offered in the day of Sacrifice (100 camels) if you sleep with me.” He said, “I cannot now, I am with my father. I cannot leave him.

Now as we study this story, it tells us that women at that time had full control of their lives. They slept with whoever they liked, and they offered themselves to any man of their choice. Did you notice in the first excerpt of the hadith, Muhammad’s claimed father did not say NO to the deal, but he had a rendezvous with Muhammad’s (Qathem’s) mother Ameena? He wanted to have sex with Waraqa Ibn Naofal’s sister after that. But when he came back, she changed her mind. Why?!

The Man with multiple offers

On the same page of the above hadith, we find the following:

Fatima Bint Mur was among the most beautiful women and most noble with honour. She read books and was educated! All the young men of the Quraish tribe talked about her. The story says that she saw the light of prophethood in his face! Therefore, she offered Abduallah (Muhammad’s claimed father) to sleep with her for the payment of one hundred camels!!

 Hidden Secrets of Abduallah before the birth of muhammad
Fathima’s offer


Consider this. How decent was Muhammad’s father to the point that women offered him money for sex? I am not talking about how good he was from the looks perspective. What I mean is that an honourable man would not be jumping from one woman to another or even get paid for sex like a prostitute. In today’s modern times, he would be considered a gigolo.

The reason I am pointing out these stories is to give you some background about the daily life of the Arab tribes of Quraish at that time. I want to make it clear that, when Muslims speak about Muhammad’s family as being a noble family, it does not match the reality. The Birth of Muhammad was not from any holy relationship. Don’t forget that Muhammad’s parents were on top of all of this, and they were pagans and died as such. And going back to the Qur’an we found that Allah called the pagans “filthy/unclean” as mentioned in Sura 9:28

O ye who believe! Truly the Pagans are unclean; so let them not, after this year of theirs, approach the Sacred Mosque. And if ye fear poverty, soon will Allah enrich you, if He wills, out of His bounty, for Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.

Sura 9:28

End of “Hidden Secrets surrounding the birth of Muhammad 2

Part – 1
Part – 3

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