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Welcome to the World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah. It defies all logic when Muslims accuse Christians and Jews of Corrupting the Word of God (Assumed to be Allah by them). On what basis do they believe in an Allah who could not prevent his earlier revelations from being tampered with? Shouldn’t we consider the capability of a person before believing in him? Should we believe in an unpredictable Allah who keeps changing his words and cannot decide on his own words?

The Character of the Islamic Allah

If we read the Qur’an, we would be able to see an Allah who keeps swinging between extreme poles. Ironically, Allah keeps saying exactly as his prophet feels. If the prophet is happy with certain things, Allah is also happy with the same thing. If the Prophet is unhappy with certain things, Allah also switches sides. The Allah of Islam is ever-ready to supply verses that satisfy the prophet.

Notice the below verses in which Allah himself confesses that he can keep supplying newer verses and abrogate the older ones as the situation changes.

If We ever abrogate1 a verse or cause it to be forgotten, We replace it with a better or similar one. Do you not know that Allah is Most Capable of everything?

Sura 2:106
The World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah
The World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah

A Christian need not read the entire Qurán to know the essence of the book. Just this single verse will prove to him that the Allah of Muhammad is NOT the YHWH of the Bible. Reading through the Qurán we will see a totally different Allah in the Meccan Suras than in the Medinan Suras? How come the same Allah behaves diametrically opposite? The World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah syncs up with the feelings of Muhammad.

The Islamic Dilemma

The earlier Suras of Muhammad were Meccan. He was trying to pally up with the Jews, Christians and Sabeans of the place. We see a struggling Muhammad trying to make inroads into these communities by his soft messages of friendship and harmony. As usual, Allah was giving all the messages as Muhammad desired. Allah wanted Muhammad to be accepted by these communities.

Therefore, it’s natural that Muslims respond with the peaceful Meccan passages as a proof text for their prophet when Christians show the violent Medinan Passages. The abrogation of Islamic scriptures is the cause of the Islamic Dilemma. They somehow forget that the Medinan Suras are the later suras and hence it abrogates the peaceful Meccan Suras as mentioned in Sura 2:106. The presence of Sura 2:106 makes it impossible for Muslims to even practice the peaceful Meccan Suras which contradicts the Medinan Suras.

The World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah
List of Meccan and Medinan Suras – The World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah

The Unpredictable Allah

Notice this verse in the Quran which says that the followers of Jesus will be superior to the disbelievers till the day of Judgement. Needless to say, Muhammad was trying to be friendly with the Christians and therefore, Allah was ready with the verse.

˹Remember˺ when Allah said, “O Jesus! I will take you1 and raise you up to Myself. I will deliver you from those who disbelieve and ELEVATE YOUR[JESUS’s] FOLLOWERS above the disbelievers until the Day of Judgment. Then to Me, you will ˹all˺ return, and I will settle all your disputes.

Sura 3:55

In a later instance when Muhammad was upset with the Christians and the Jews, Allah was ready with the verse to subjugate the very same Christians whom he said will be elevated till the day of Judgement.

Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, nor comply with what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, nor embrace the religion of truth from among those who were given the Scripture,1 until they pay the tax,2 willingly submitting, fully humbled.

Sura 9:29
The Islamic Dilemma - The World of Unstable and Unpredictable Allah
The Islamic Dilemma – The World of Unstable Allah

Wondering how could Allah say such opposing statements? That is called the Islamic Dilemma. When you have an unpredictable Allah, you should expect constant abrogation of Islamic Scriptures.


What we have displayed here is the tip of the iceberg. Read through the Quran and you will see this same unstable Allah switching statements. Contrast this Allah with Jesus and you will come out with the inference that Jesus and Allah are diametrically opposite.

Notice what Jesus said about his own words.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Matt 24:35

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