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Muslims are made to believe that the Quran is memorized and is transferred throughout generations. Unfortunately, these gullible people have been in the dark for centuries together. We are exposing the Impressive LIE of Quran Memorization. The day they investigate the words of their leaders by themselves, they will be delivered out of the deception they are subjected to.

The Impressive LIE of Quran Memorization
The Impressive LIE of Quran Memorization

Evidence of the Lie of Quranic Memorization

According to Islamic Traditions, the Quran was never completed as a book till the death of Muhammad. He used to receive verses from Jibreel in a piecemeal way. So when Muhammad died, the full Quran were NOT in the memory of his companions. At most, it was few verses that they had memorised, unlike what the Muslims think. Nobody had it fully memorized. Let us read a portion from Bukhari and notice the points he has made.

The Story from Syed Bukhari

Narrated Zaid bin Thabit:

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq sent for me when the people of Yamama had been killed (i.e., a number of the Prophet’s Companions who fought against Musailima). (I went to him) and found `Umar bin Al- Khattab sitting with him. Abu Bakr then said (to me), “`Umar has come to me and said: “Casualties were heavy among the Qurra’ of the Qur’an (i.e. those who knew the Qur’an by heart) on the day of the Battle of Yamama, and I am afraid that more heavy casualties may take place among the Qurra’ on other battlefields, whereby a large part of the Qur’an may be lost.

Therefore I suggest, you (Abu Bakr) order that the Qur’an be collected.” I said to `Umar, “HOW CAN YOU DO SOMETHING WHICH ALLAH’S APOSTLE DID NOT DO?” `Umar said, “By Allah, that is a good project.” `Umar kept on urging me to accept his proposal till Allah opened my chest for it and I began to realize the good in the idea which `Umar had realized.” Then Abu Bakr said (to me). ‘You are a wise young man and we do not have any suspicion about you, and you used to write the Divine Inspiration for Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ). So you should search for (the fragmentary scripts of) the Qur’an and collect it in one book.”

By Allah If they had ordered me to shift one of the mountains, it would not have been heavier for me than this ordering me to collect the Qur’an. Then I said to Abu Bakr, “How will you do something which Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) did not do?” Abu Bakr replied, “By Allah, it is a good project.” Abu Bakr kept on urging me to accept his idea until Allah opened my chest for what He had opened the chests of Abu Bakr and `Umar.

So I started looking for the Qur’an and collecting it from (what was written on) Palme stalks, thin white stones and also from the men who knew it by heart, till I found the last Verse of Surat at-Tauba (Repentance) with Abi Khuzaima Al-Ansari, and I did not find it with anybody other than him.

The Verse is: ‘Verily there has come unto you an Apostle (Muhammad) from amongst yourselves. It grieves him that you should receive any injury or difficulty..(till the end of Surat-Baraa’ (at-Tauba) (9.128-129). Then the complete manuscripts (copy) of the Qur’an remained with Abu Bakr till he died, then with `Umar till the end of his life, and then with Hafsa, the daughter of `Umar.

Syed Bukhari 4986

Inference of the above story

Zaid Ibn Thabit thought that Shifting a Mountain was easier than collecting the Quran. If it was in the memory of the companions of Muhammad, people like Abu Bakr, Umar and Zaid could have easily recited it and got the Quran collected from their own memory. Clearly, the hadith is exposing the deception of the Islamic leaders in lying to their gullible folks.

The Verses of Stoning and Breastfeeding

Interestingly, the all-powerful Allah could not preserve his own words from being destroyed by a Sheep. Aisha the Favourite wife of Muhammad confessed the story that the verses of stoning and breastfeeding was eaten by a sheep.

It was narrated that ‘Aishah said:“The Verse of stoning and of breastfeeding an adult ten times was revealed1, and the paper was with me under my pillow. When the Messenger of Allah died, we were preoccupied with his death, and a tame sheep came in and ate it.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 1944

After the sheep ate it, Zaid bin Thabit could not retrieve it and also none of the companions could get it from their memory. This again proves that the Memorization story of the Quran is a LIE.

The Impressive LIE of Quran Memorization about the verse of stoning and breastfeeding
The Impressive LIE of Quran Memorization – The Verse of stoning and breastfeeding


Dear Reader, do you want to trust in an Allah who died along with Muhammad? The Allah who could not even preserve his own words from a sheep? Moreover, Zaid kept reminding Umar that the collecting of the Quran was not right as Muhammad did not do that. Zaid understood clearly that Allah is the puppet of Muhammad and if Muhammad did not do that, they should also not be doing it either. Would you still continue to believe the Lie of Quranic Memorization?

 The Lie of Quranic Memorization with the verse of stoning and breastfeeding
Would you still continue to believe the Lie of Quranic Memorization?

The End of “Exposing the Impressive LIE of Quran Memorization”

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